After many years shooting and competing in the world of the airguns sport, is born the opportunity to shape a thinking and make a collective idea on a real fact, so we founded our own Shooting Club.

Current target is to have its own range to promote the that sport and to organize island, regional and international events in our own territory, offering full coverage to all shooters who come outside.

Within sport shooting disciplines that offer long and very long distance, we can highlight the following:


    • Rimfire: 50m & 100m

    • Air: 25m & 50m


    • Rimfire: 50m, 100m & 200m

    • Air: 25m, 50m &100m

  • In adaptation process

    • Field-Target (FT): ~50m

    • Hunting (HFT): ~50m

    • Plinking: ~100m

    • AIPSC (ACTION AIR): AirAction IPSC courses static shot & moving

If you like spending your free time the same way than us, wait no more and join us, you will have a great time with your whole family with our day and night shooting, barbecues... What you going to lose?.


The President

Club BR Canarias Board of Directors:

  • President: Francisco Vallecillo
  • Vicepresident: Jaime Pesto
  • Secretary: Emérito Rodríguez
  • Treasurer: Borja Hernández
  • Vocal: Alfonso Peñalver